Our Story

For The Love Of Fresh Beer

An Idea Is Born

What If there was a place to gather, socialize, and enjoy a fresh brew on Shaw? That has always been in the back of the minds of many who have lived or visited the island. We want to turn that idea into a reality. 

First Steps

We have been gathering equipment and formulating recipes. We are in the first phases of looking into licencing, finding a location, and gathering local support.

A Small Island

 A small Brewery

Nano Brewing

Nano brewing is sweeping the nation. It is commonly thought that a nanobrewery is defined as a brewery that produces no more than 3 barrels of beer in one batch. A brewery doesn't have to be a giant factory.before prohibition it was common place for small communities to have there own brewery. A small Island needs a small brewery. 

Fresh Beer Is The Best Beer

If you Love IPAs like we do and a growing number around the world do than you want them fresh!The Hops we love give us that aroma and that flavor we crave, but every day the beer sits in a can or a bottle that flavor diminishes. The best Beer is served right after fermentation and clarification is complete. A Nano brewery brews small batches which means quick turn around and more importantly super fresh beer!!!